Laurie Berdahl, MD & Brian D. Johnson, PhD

The doctors' first award winning book

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7 Skills for Parenting Success

Learning and using the 7 practical skills in this book will help you tackle today’s unprecedented parenting challenges to raise emotionally strong, behaviorally smart children with less stress. We show you how to build life-long relationships, use the most effective discipline methods, balance your support and control, and monitor and manage outside factors that can influence children more than parents. This guide includes how to say things to get kids to listen to you and heed your advice, what to expect of their behavior by age, and how to decide which limits you need to set and how to set and enforce them for best results. Parents and caretakers of infants to adolescents will find easy-to-read coverage of common concerns and questions, from sibling relations to co-parenting.

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What Kids Can Do by Age: Healthy Expectations for Childhood Abilities Tool

Shows what kids can or can’t typically do at their ages to help you have realistic expectations for behavior in terms of obedience, self-care, communication, chores, and social skills to reduce frustration for all.


P.S. I'M HELPING Limit Setting Decision Tool

Helps you decide which behavior and activity limits you want to set, forbidding some and allowing or insisting on others. Use it to save yourself tremendous time and energy, lower your stress, and get the best possible results.

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