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Parenting tools: limit setting and what kids can do by age
What rules do kids need, how to decide which limits to set on kids
Setting good limits for kids

P.S. I'M HELPING Limit Setting Decision Tool


Helps you decide which behavior and activity limits you want to set, forbidding some and allowing or insisting on others, to save yourself tremendous time and energy, lower your stress, and get the best possible results.

At what age can kids do chores, when can kids do chores
What kids can do by age, what to expect from kids by age
When can kids do homework

What Kids Can Do by Age: Healthy Expectations for Childhood Abilities Tool

Shows what kids can or can’t typically do at their ages to help you have realistic expectations for behavior in terms of self-care, communication, chores, and social skills. Use it to promote your child's emotional and behavioral health and reduce frustration for all.

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