Child and young adulthood is now filled with many types of aggression and violence, and many parents are worried about their children becoming victims and some are concerned that kids they know may end up intentionally harming people.

What can parents and other concerned adults do to prevent the next Sandy Hook, Orlando or other mass killing? Are there red flags that warn us that children might become victims or perpetrators of bullying, or of sexual assault? How do we know when a child or young adult is at risk of mental illness or suicide, or is just moody? These are certainly questions most parents have wondered about, especially at a time when childhood dangers seem increasingly hard to predict or control. 

Warning Signs is the first comprehensive book of its kind, addressing the underlying factors and signs of youth violence and aggression—and how to identify and guard against them. Topics include: 

  • Bullying                         
  • Sexualization, and sexual aggression, abuse, and violence   
  • Entitled attitudes, rage, hate, extremism, and social isolation                     
  • Gun violence                                                    
  • Drugs and alcohol linked to danger
  • Media influences and hazards
  • Perilous friendships
  • School safety
  • Mental and emotional health
  • Abduction and sexual abuse prevention
  • Unproductive versus protective parenting methods and home features

Drs. Brian Johnson and Laurie Berdahl provide specific, practical ideas, strategies, and tips based on current research and years of clinical and personal experience. They infuse stories from patients, clients, and their own children and even suggest language parents can use during tough conversations with their kids—or with another child’s parents. This timely guide will appeal to any adult who is worried about the levels of violence and aggression in society, to professionals working with youth, and to parents who want to raise emotionally strong, behaviorally healthy, kind, and safe children amidst today’s dangers.